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This site started with just a domain name.  Long before I even thought about having a craft business.  True, I’ve been telling attendees of my Virtual Assistance workshops that one can always start a business out of a hobby.  But I have not really considered doing it myself.  One, because I know I will never have the time.  And two, because I’ve always been the first to admit that I’m the least creative person on the face of this earth.  When God blessed this world with creative talents, I was busy reading.

Our children are the creative ones.  Our daughters both have the knack for drawing, while our son is into building things.  Even when he draws, he wants his output to be in 3D.

When our eldest child asked to be sent to a crochet workshop on her 15th birthday, I was truly surprised.  I did not expect her to have an interest as she never saw me do crochet.  She knows that I love to sew and embroider, and I have taught her how to make her own bracelets.  So when she asked if the workshop can be her birthday gift, we readily agreed, and we went in full force.

Our first batch of yarns came from that workshop, and we’ve been to another yarn pop-up after that, so we have a pretty good inventory at home.  Our second child prefers cross-stitching, and I’m just so glad that our girls have other interests while sharing the love for drawing.

And so I bought this domain name with the idea that I will be collecting my children’s crafts and artwork, and I’ll have them displayed on cyber.

Then came the day that I got introduced to crochet, and there has been no turning back.  I’m now as passionate about crochet, as I am with virtual assistance.

A way to de-stress.

I have a virtual assistance job career, we homeschool, we don’t have a househelp, so I simply don’t have time for another passion.  And so I started with just pockets of time.  I would crochet when the net is crawling that it’s a waste of time and energy to stay logged in.  I would crochet when there is power interruption.  I would crochet when on my way to a meeting, or the grocery.  I would crochet when waiting outside the doctor’s office, or lining up for something.

And I’ve been amazed at how calm I’ve been on those times that would normally be so stressful!  I have found a way to channel my energy to something more productive than sitting down and waiting for time to pass.  I now forget about time and keep my hands busy while waiting, and feel proud of how much I’ve accomplished afterwards.  Brownout?  Oh, okay.  I have a project I want to finish…

My hobby has to be self-sufficient.

While my husband fully supports my new-found passion (he actually supports everything I get myself into), I don’t feel good about spending on it and taking any amount away from the family budget.  This hobby has to be self-sufficient, or I’ll go back to stressing about where to take the budget for my next project. 🙂  So came the idea of selling what I make, and even accepting orders for specific projects.  So now I’m launching this site to get the word out about this humble hob-biz.

Lovingly created, perfectly handmade.

Everything is personal.  That is my commitment to you.  I will make each project with your happiness in mind.  I want you to be truly satisfied with each item that you will buy from this site, and be proud to share it with your family and friends.  I know how much hard work is put on every cent that you spend, and that is more than enough inspiration for me to treat each project with love and care, so you get what you pay for, and more.

We are now a registered business!

Took the leap and registered this humble hob-biz with the government. We are now registered as Aberásturi Crafted Crafts and Trading.  And so happy to share that our little space on Facebook has also been verified!  So I do hope you’ll visit us there and follow us!  As my children would say, please LIKE us on Facebook!

Do join me here as I grow in my life as a crafter.